The Rant 1

We learn to appreciate when something is taken away. Yet, when this something is within reach its value is camouflaged.
I do support the idea that there are things in life that should be camouflaged to disclose its negative value.
Hoards of advertisements instinctively come to mind. 
If thousands upon thousands of advertisements that have seized secure spot in the minds of gluttonous generation were to be dissolved, then perhaps our current generation wouldn’t be labelled as the architects of the gluttonous epoch.
Perhaps we would bring back the idea of individuality. A concept so many interpret as following the clingy outcast culture, set against a backdrop of flashing lights and moving cars, and everything stale and clichéd.   
So I ask… Dear counter culture denizens of the world; yes, you Hipsters, Bohemians, Punk Rockers, Hip Hop heads, what are you trying to manifest?
With your magnified swag and style, your fire engine, red plaid shirts and your shrunken jeans, with your floppy hats and your lengthy, floral printed dresses, your eyeliner and black studded jackets and belts, your fur trimmed hoodies and your constricted baby tees.
What is it that you want to verbalize, not with your voice but rather your prosaic vanity?
I think you want to say you represent an emotionally intense force driven by energy, danger and bravery and shouldn’t be fucked with. That you can conquer bureaucracy with your American Apparel, Apple Bottom Jeans, Ed Hardy, Gap wearing asses. 
But what you really are, is a global phenomenon, a walking, talking price tag, part of the brand addict bullshit crew. Born under the advertising industry, feeding the flesh eating, brand power mother fuckers of the universe, at the same time filling your brain with toxins.
You’re not just a style, you’re a lifestyle.  
You’re sad, and debatable and have done a fine job of butchering your self identity.
The anarchy generations is who you crave to be, but you already sold your soul to the media, so I ask, who are you now?

~ by deliciousnoize on May 13, 2010.

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