An Intimate Hour with Adele



I have a crush and her name is Adele. Yet another artist bred in North London, I’m starting to sense a trend here; London-born equals unquestionably, dope female recording artists.

Adele has been deemed as the modern Amy Winehouse. I don’t agree. Amy stands as her own woman, Adele as another. Amy is everything Adele is not – a raging alcoholic/druggy, violent and admits ‘she’s no good’ in the title track “You Know I’m No Good.”


What particularly allured me to Adele is the tonal roughness in her voice and her ability to hit a series of octaves all within a single riff. One could argue Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera also possess this talent. They do however; their sounds are much more contrived, fitting into a cookie cutter mold and their lyrics well…they’re very la la landish; whereas Adele can easily be identified as… Adele.


Overindulging in her muscular yet grainy, voluptuous voice makes it unthinkable that she is still in her teen years. Adele’s 12 track album entitled 19 incorporates funk, jazz, folks and soul and style.


Additional respect goes out to Adele for not feeling the media’s pressure to fit the form of an unhealthy image of beauty. In an interview, Adele admitted relishing in all her new found attention, but also comments on the negative aspects of fame especially, when it comes to remarks about her weight. “I’ve always been a size 14-16, and been fine with it,” Adele told The Times. “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.” This is the attitude that will halt Adele’s chances of becoming as famed as Beyonce and at the same time, this is the attitude that will get her appreciated by real people.

Adele was quickly well received by all of the UK and continues to be fancied outside of her home base. I regret missing her intimate Toronto show, back in March which according to my source (whom happens to be a musical connoisseur) affirmed her performance was “short but too sweet.”


I was fortunate to catch Adele perform in Toronto, earlier this month. Just as I had anticipated; Adele put on a performance that was worthy of my 20 dollar concert ticket, worthy of the parking fee I had paid to wedged my car into a secure, but wrong spot, worthy of the additional 30 dollar cab ride I had to take to and from The Queen Elizabeth Theatre and lastly worthy of the exasperation I had managed to create, and magnify, by the circumstances. Regardless, I arrived to the compact theatre, only to find my friend and her plus one seated comfortably in the second tier of chairs. I made the executive decision to seize the vacant floor seat, five rows from the stage and meet up with my friends afterwards.


One by one, Adele’s band made their way onto the stage and then Adele herself emerged from behind the thick, black curtain jumping right into her first track ‘Right As Rain.’ Her immaculate voice shunned the crowd’s murmurs from the get-go.


Music debauchery indeed.


Dressed in a casually loose baby doll blouse, tights and a messy bun, she sounded calm and comfortable, as if we were sitting in her living room and she was doing what is effortlessly natural to her. Adele intangibly gripped her party of 1200 or so by their each and every auditory organ, and kept them erect for as long as she was front and centre.


The track ‘Melt my Heart to Stone,’ left the audience melting in her sizzling sound. High, controlled pitches in ‘Daydreamer’ and “Crazy For You” paired with the soulful lullaby in “First Love” kept the listeners eagerly wondering what Adele would spoil them with next. Ending with her hit single “Chasing Pavements” she changed the final chorus to accommodate her Canadian audience to should I give up or should I just keep chasing sidewalks.


The crowd pledged for an encore, hoping to entice the British chanteuse to appear once more, on stage, by releasing deafening claps, whistles and roars. No encore, just a non-dramatic “See ya later, Thank You for making it out and spending money to see me” statement closed the show.


Short and too sweet indeed.






~ by deliciousnoize on June 26, 2008.

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