Vesterbro (Danish)

Entering into an un-bashful, twenty something, wild, dramatic love affair between Julie and Martin is the story of Vesterbro. A fiery couple from Copenhagen so absorbed in one another that at times, the two main characters mesh into one. And their love affair fluently moves between party A; the tangled twosome and party B; the camera. The characters in this documentary are candid amateurs, which make them relatable to you and I. Julie and Martin’s relationship interlaces fear, excitement, catastrophes and passions on top of passions.

The story takes viewers on an emotional, untamed adventure of the everyday lives of Julie and Martin and their journey of migrating from Copenhagen to Kolding to New York to Mexico, and back to their comfort zone in Copenhagen Denmark, disclosing their inner most insecurities, to the camera, along the way.

Director Michael Noer has done a swell job of fusing together zoomed shots of individual facial expressions with handheld camerawork and still portraits.

Thirty minutes into the documentary a collage of generic, flashy, futuristic still shot photography is flaunted, giving viewers a minute to make judgment on what has been witnessed thus far. 

The film is packed with genuine moments; from capturing a tear glide down Julie’s face, during the time of crisis, to seizing the moment of a flock of birds, gather on the snowy grounds of a people-less park. Scene like these could easily be the inspiration for the Group of Seven to paint a masterpiece.  

The unvarnished theme of dependency is stressed throughout the film, which effortlessly turns into desperation. This documentary authentically compliments the notorious line “you complete me.”




~ by deliciousnoize on April 13, 2008.

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