The Cirque debuts in Shanghai


Are traditional forms of circus troupes dying or simply reinventing themselves into new forms of theatrical exhibitions?

As a moppet, I was first introduced to fun fairs and tent circuses. Tightrope walkers, jugglers, clumsy clowns and the sweet taste of candy apples filled me with delight and excitement. However, my amazement for travelling entertainers was short lived. Fifteen years later, that same admiration has resurfaced, with the birth of modern day multimedia, acrobatic productions.  

Contemporary circus scenes concentrate more so on utilizing the mind and body in perfect harmony. For those of you who feel that you are past the age of being enchanted by playful antics, are mistaken. Human balance, strength, skill and gracefulness have overwhelmingly ignited astounding reactions, from all of its spectators. The international sensation, Cirque du Soleil, which is French for Circus of the Sun, is notorious for its electrifying combination of implausible acrobats, authentic music and extravagant sets, that spoil the mature masses.

 Next month, Cirque du Soleil is planning to maneuver outside of the Canadian borders and for the first time, this acrobatic spectacle will journey to China.

China is well known for giving birth to poignant performers. I have observed two productions in Shanghai; Era- Intersection of Time and the Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. Both displays prove that timing and balance is the factor that separates life from death. I have yet to see the Cirque perform, but I hear it is much more intense than any production highlighted solely in Shanghai.

Cirque du Soleil will bring to Shanghai Quidam, pronounced ‘key-dam” which is the Latin word for the unknown being. “Quidam is a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering in a street corner. He can be anyone — someone coming, going, living in this anonymous society.”

If for no other reason, being caged in a room full of hard, beautiful, bendable bodies is reason enough to see the Cirque.


~ by deliciousnoize on December 27, 2007.

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