Stoned and Starving

thai3.jpg  Interesting story, how my friend and I staggered upon Baan Thai. According to City Weekend magazine, Baan Thai was voted one of the best Thai venues in the city of Shanghai. 

It all began on a warm, noonish Sunday. I turned on my phone, placed it on my night stand and attempted to sleep some more. Just when I was about to fall into a quality stage of sleep, the text message beep went off and jolted me back to reality. Reality was that I had preplanned this particularly, lazy Sunday. My message read ‘I’m looking forward to today! Give me a heads up.’ Totally unsure of what kind of adventure I had planned, I just laid there, lifeless, in bed. A good ten minutes passed by before it hit me; my day consisted of getting blazed with a good friend and going out for a fabulous brunch, on this suddenly-turned, glorious Sunday.  

My friend and I both share a deep passion for Thai cuisine and grass.

I feel the need to express how fucking great this particular batch of ‘brownies’ were. Three, solid tokes and we were baked. To find brownies that delectable in China is as rare as finding a diapered, peasant baby.

We arrived at the restaurant at 3pm, missing the brunch cut off time, by a hair. Although I was famished beyond words, my attention was immediately drawn to the décor of the restaurant.  Aged, bronze Buddha statues, four-faced god displays, hand woven Thai silks draped over the walls and chairs. And the al fresco seating, was reason enough to return to Baan Thai.

One lukewarm coffee had arrived. Half an hour later, the other one had made its way to our table, also tepid, along with the apps. Within seconds, we unattractively inhaled our apps, and our stomachs bellowed out a noise, the “keep it coming” sound.

We had been waiting for a good hour and a half, before noticing our main dishes were absent. My blazed buddy called over the waitress, who further fetched the manager. She politely complained about the wait. The manager expressed his sincere apologies and said he would take care of our meals, at least that’s what I gathered from their chat.

Our main dishes had appeared, one after another. Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai, Gaeng Massaman Muea, Nuea Phad Nam Man Hoy, Phad Phak Raummit and Kuaytiaw Phad Thai Goong Sot. We hovered down our dishes, although they were not deserving of that much attention.

Too stuffed to move, we browsed through the dessert menu and ordered another round of coffees. The coffees were worse than the first round, as were the three desserts that followed; Bua Loisam, Sa Ku Poob and Kluay Kab Ais Kream. The consistency, the texture, the flavors, nothing worked.  

We literally rolled out of our chairs and learned only our main dishes were on the house, the 400 kwai spent on coffees and appetizers were not. 

Would we grace this restaurant with our presence again ~ Yes

Would we order enough food to feed a small village ~ No

Would we snack on decedent brownies before arriving ~ Definitely! It just made this experience that much more delightful.  


~ by deliciousnoize on December 27, 2007.

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